It’s all in the detail

Part of our job as a wedding photographer is to capture the little details.

You’ve probably spent a while agonising over the right shoes right?. . . then they need to be in an awesome pic! Whether you’ve gone for Jimmy Choo’s, Christian Louboutin or some flats from New Look, they’ll have no doubt had a lot of thought and I’ll always try to find the very spot to show them off at their best. I may never have been able to walk in killer heels but I can most definitely appreciate them.

I think it may be my art background that makes me notice the little details. A LOT goes into planning a wedding and there are a huge amount of things to take into account. That gorgeous bouquet, the rings, the favours, there is always so much to think about so I like to make sure that I document it all.

One of the shots I really love is the one of the wedding rings – the exchanging of rings at a wedding is very symbolic. The wedding ring is circular and circles are a universal symbol of infinity, endless eras and eternity. Rings were forged or cast using lots of different styles but the seam was always invisible. The idea was that a wedding ring had no beginning and no end. The exchange and wearing of wedding rings represent the unbreakable bond of lifelong love and commitment between two married people.

The wedding ring shot can be a super simple shot showing the rings off in all their beauty – both of the bottom ones here were taken using car bonnets as it’s great to photograph them on a shiny surface. The rainy one because it was a rainy wedding and the one bottom right a plain car bonnet to show off the stunning rings with a great reflection. The top left pic is one of my favourites and was done at night time with sparklers, a willing assistant from a venue and a shiny table in their courtyard. The middle one again a glass table and a macro filter this time using the reflection of some foliage. Top right was a cute little box that the bride has found in a charity shop and filled with moss to sit the rings on. I loved the green so hunted out more to compliment the box and the moss and the ferns were just the thing.

Now onto the flowers – such a gorgeous addition to your wedding. Fresh flowers will always be my personal preference for the wedding bouquet – I just think they add that certain je ne sais quoi that artificial flowers just don’t have. Pictured here are a few of my favourites. Top left the ultimate Christmas bouquet for a Christmas wedding. The middle one had fresh herbs for the greenery – so fragrant and lovely! Top right an oversized ‘Rock & Roll’ bouquet which looked amazing with a 50s style dress and leather jacket. Bottom left a gorgeous bouquet made up of pastels and grasses with long ribbons for a festival theme and bottom right a stunning 1920s style bouquet with real impact – shown here with the cake.

From top left, Florist on the Corner (now sadly closed). Top middle unsure, top right and bottom right also Florist on the corner and bottom left The Fabulous Florist (link below)

It wasn’t until the Victorian age that we saw the birth of the bridal bouquet as we know it today. Flower symbolism was hugely popular then, and brides were able to communicate their romantic sentiments through their specific floral choices, that practice has faded a bit, with couples today usually choosing their flowers based more on beauty and colour.

Another less glamourous reason brides originally started carrying them centuries ago was because of the perfume of the flowers, which masked their body odour (you know, back when bathing wasn’t such a frequent occurrence). Thankfully today’s brides aren’t so concerned with hiding an unpleasant smell!

So . . . Whether it’s table centres, beautiful glasses or your Grandfather’s watch – don’t worry I’ll be keeping my eye out for the little things. I can also recommend some great suppliers to help out with those details too, after years in the trade I’ve got to know quite a few and know who’ll be the best to help you get just the look you’re after. So just ask if you’re not sure – I’m always happy to recommend trusted suppliers to my couples.

Here I’ll share links for a couple of my faves:

If you’re after a funky accessory or two – Louise from Lilly Dilly’s is definitely your gal – She’s super talented and makes things to order so you can be sure of something a bit different if you order through her!

Fave florist if you want the perfect blooms for your special day – has to be the lovely Kat Griffiths from Ledbury based – I’ve done a few weddings with Kat and quite a few shoots now too and she always pulls something a little quirky out of the bag.

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