Can we get the RAW files of our images.

The short answer to this often asked question is No. I don’t give clients RAW files of images, very few photographers will.

By shooting in RAW a wedding photographer can make lots of complex adjustments to photos to make them look the best they can, they can do this by using professional software where things in the photo could be corrected, like underexposing for the sky.

It is also important to understand that the RAW files are huge in file size, and even if you had the files you cannot just print the images off, you need special editing software to even open these files.

A professional photographer won’t give away these files because they are not the final images, they won’t have been edited to match the photographers style and they won’t have been given that extra sparkle. RAWs are a little like an author’s first draft or the ingredients of a cake – they aren’t the finished article and the taking of the photograph is only half of the photographers job.