Do I have back up kit?

Always! I always bring WAY more than I need to a wedding in case of the rare occurrence of kit failure. Spare batteries and memory cards are stuffed in every pocket and back up camera bodies and light sources are always in my bag too. I’m prepared for any eventuality and all of my professional… Continue reading Do I have back up kit?

Can you Photoshop us?

I pride myself on not adding filters or following any particular trends as I think this creates more timeless images. I promote body confidence and feeling comfortable in your own skin. I’m happy to remove any non-permanent blemishes like acne, rashes or bruises but in the main I’m all about capturing real moments. If you… Continue reading Can you Photoshop us?

Are you Insured?

Yes of course! I take my business very seriously. I have public liability, equipment and professional indemnity insurances in place to you can rest assured that everything is covered. Copies of policies can be seen if need be.