‘A picture paints a thousand words’ the importance of quality photographs when letting your property.

For many holiday home owners, having professional photos that show your property off in the best possible light outweighs the cost of hiring a photographer. Given the number of different possible platforms to display the images, as well as the potential increase in bookings, this investment is likely to pay for itself time and time again!  In an increasingly competitive market, photos are the main marketing tool to help convince holiday makers to book your holiday home.

You have just 20 seconds to make an impression on your potential customers before they lose interest and move along to the next rental. It’ll be the pictures not words that will attract the ideal guest to your listing.

If you do decide to hire a professional photographer make sure you choose someone who is experienced in photographing properties rather than just hiring a general photographer. Whilst this might cost a little bit more, it is worth paying someone who knows all the tricks of the trade to take the best possible pictures. As well as having all the necessary skills, they’ll also have the equipment and software to make the photos look bright and clean. Photographers experienced in this sort of photography will advise you on making sure that your property is professionally ‘dressed’ for the occasion and will also help you make the best of any original features.

Think of the cost in terms of extra bookings, if the professional images help you secure just a few more bookings the long term benefit will more than offset the cost. Extra demand = you being able to increase your rates. It really is an investment to improve your online presence.

A few tips:

• Try to choose a sunny day, springtime is the best, gardens in full bloom and less harsh shadows than the summer.

• Set the scene, lay the table for a meal, dress with a bottle of wine and some delicious looking food.

Make sure that the kitchen is tidy and clean, the living room looks relaxing and inviting and the bedrooms look warm and comfortable, use throws or cushions to soften and add splashes of colour, straighten pictures and light the log burner if there is one.

Remove personal items and clutter, prospective guests like a clean palette so that they can imagine themselves in your property. Your photographs have two tasks – Your property needs to stand out from the crowd and grab holiday makers attention – this is a huge challenge in a crowded marketplace. They also need to SELL your property and convince visitors that they will have the best experience during their stay.

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